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Distance Sales Agreement

Distance Sales Contract 

Article 1 Subject

The subject of this Distance Sales Contract indicates the rights and liability of the buyer and the seller about the sale and the hereinafter product that the seller sells to the buyer. This Distance Sales Agreement is regulated in compliance with Regulation on Distance Agreements and the Law on the Protection of the Consumer number 6502. The buyer and the seller accept, undertake and declare that the buyer and the seller read and are informed about this Distance Sales Contract. 

Article 2 Parties

This Distance Sales Contract has been signed in the electronic environment between the parties below;

  1. “BUYER” (referred to as buyer hereafter)
  2. “SELLER” (referred to as seller hereafter)

Article 3 Seller Information 


Address: Merkez Mahallesi Birahane Sokak No: 20 Kat: 3 Bomonti / Şişli / İstanbul

Phone Number: +90 (850) 259 08 38



Article 4 Contractual Product Information

The descriptions of the products are stated below in the order which shows the type, brand and model, quantity, color, sales price, number, and payment term. The prices which are listed and announced are the valid sales prices until the prices are changed or updated.

Article 5 Delivery of Good and Type of Delivery

The Distance Sales Contract is approved electronically by the buyer and goes into effect and the purchased goods or services by the buyer from the seller are executed on the occasion of delivery to the buyer. The purchased goods or services will be delivered to the buyer or people who are in the sales forms and the address that is shared in the contract. 

Article 6 Delivery Payment and Fulfillment of Commitment 

The delivery payment has to be paid by the buyer. The delivery will embark on the pledged date after the payment process is completed. The delivery time can be changeable between 4 (four) days and 30 (thirty) days. In a situation when it is impracticable to deliver the purchased good or service by the seller, the seller delivers the order with 30 (thirty) days without indicating a certain reason. If the buyer uses the right of withdrawal or returns the product, the seller will not be obligated the deliver the goods or service. The delivery payment has to be paid by the buyer when the buyer wants to return the purchased product. If the buyer does not receive the product from the delivery, the buyer will be responsible for delivery payment.

The seller has a right to supply a different product that has an equal quality and price by informing the buyer before the contractual performance obligation expires if the buyer accepts.

Article 7 Right of Withdrawal

  • The buyer can use the right of withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) days from the purchase.
  • Withdrawal and return notices have to be written and delivered to the information address of the seller which is above-stated. 
  • There cannot be a refund until the product is delivered to the seller and the buyer has to deliver the product to the seller within 10 (ten) days from the return notice. 
  • The returned product has to be delivered undamaged and complete to the seller in the original package. 
  • The information (name, surname, address, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) that the buyer shared with the seller has to be correct and precise. The information of the buyer cannot be incorrect or incomplete. 
  • The buyer is not responsible of the changes of the products within the withdrawal dates when it is used according to rules. 
  • The price of the product will be refunded in 14 (fourteen) days to the buyer from the seller.
  • The buyer has to deliver the invoice to the seller in the withdrawal process. 

Article 8 Conditions that the Right of Withdrawal Cannot Be Used

According to the legislation, the buyer accepts, undertakes, and declares that the buyer cannot use the withdrawal right in the following statements. The following products will not be returned from the buyer to the seller; 

  • have an expire date and are not suitable to return,
  • are used swimsuits, clothing, perfumes, 
  • are personalized products for the buyer,
  • are used by the buyer and with an opened package,
  • are not the original products,
  • are changed with another product,
  • are damaged and are not complete.

Article 9 Personal Data Protection

According to Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 the personal data, demographic data, and financial data of the buyer can be used during the use of the website ( To provide a more effective and specific shopping experience, the statistical data that you will share with us can be shared with Rohs Fashion and the partner companies of Rohs Fashion. 

Article 10 General Provisions

  • The buyer accepts, undertakes, and declares that the buyer read and is informed about the Preliminary Information Form, Distance Sales Contract, Payment Term, Delivery Payment, and Fulfillment of Commitment on the electronic environment.
  • The buyer can reach the seller on the e-mail address, address, or the phone number which are on the seller information article.
  • The buyer accepts that the price of the desired products or services, the description of the products or services (the type, brand and model, quantity, color, sales price, number, and payment term) are correct and without any reserve. 
  • If there is damage to the purchased product, the buyer has a right to not receive the product from the delivery.

Article 11 the Notices and Evidential Agreement

  • The contact will be provided in the digital environment or through the e-mail address between the partners if there is not an obligatory situation.
  • The buyer accepts, undertakes, and declares that the official records and electronic information will be kept in the database of the seller in accordance with the Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure. 

Article 12 Operation

The partners accept, undertake, and declare that they read and are informed of the Distance Sales Contract that will be approved in the digital environment. The buyer can read the Distance Sales Contract on the website address of the seller.